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Firm Name:Hiraga Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President:Atsuo Hiraga
Address:[Head Office]
3-3-24, Omori Nishi, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0015
Tel. (81) 3-3762-8481   Fax. (81) 3-3762-8463
Established:8th November,1953
Capital:J.Yen 10,000,000
Employee: 15
Real Property:
Head Office Plottage: 84sqm
  Building Area: 93sqm

Affiliated Companies
HMT System Engineering Co., Ltd.
President:Atsuo Hiraga
Address: Head office; 3-3-24, Omori Nishi, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0015 c/o Hiraga Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tel. (81) 3-3762-8481  Fax. (81) 3-3762-8463 .
  Yamagata Factory; 1829-1, Oaza Iriuda, Takahata-machi, Higasiokitama-gun, Yamagata Pref., 992-0324
Established: 9th April 1984
Capital: J.Yen 10,000,000
Employee: 50
Real Property: Yamagata Factory
Plottage: 5,202sqm
Building Area: 2,105sqm
 Yamagata Factory   
Production Equipment of Yamagata Factory:
 Vertical Machining Center #4 (Makino/Okuma)2(Unit)
 Vertical Machining Center #5 w/2 Pallets (Okuma)1
 Horizontal Machining Center #6 w/2 pallets (Okuma)1
 Large Size Horizontal Machining Center (w/Horizontal Boring) (Toshiba) 1
 NC Milling Machine (Makino #3 & others)4
 Milling Machine (Makino #3 & others)5
 Jig Boring Machine (Ship)1
 Jig Milling Machine #3 (Debling)1
 Spark Erosion Machine (Sodick/Seibu)2
 Wirecut Spark Erosion Machine (Sodick)2
 NC Lathe (Okuma & others)3
 Engine Lathe (Takizawa & others)6
 NC Marking-off Punching Machine (NEC)1
 Planing Machine (Yamaguchi)1
 Surface Grinder (Sansei/Nikko)2
 Forming Surface Grinder (Kuroda)1
 Optical Profile Grinder (Wasino)1
 Universal Cylindrical Grinder (Shigiya & others)2
 Radial Drilling Machine (Ohya)1
 Complex Machine For Panting & Laser Cutting 30ton (Amada) 1
 NC Press Braking Machine 100ton (Amada)1
 Press Braking Machine 50ton (Amada)1
 Cloth Shearing Machine (Amada & others)2
 Contour Sawing Machine (Amada)2
 Corner Shearing Machine (Amada)1
 Hydraulic Press Machine 6ton (Fuji)1
 Automatic High-speed Band Saw (Amada)2
 Other Tooling MachinesAbout30
 3-dimensional Measuring Equipment (Mitsutoyo)1
 Universal Projector (Mitsutoyo) 1
 Toolmaker's Microscope (Sip)1
 Surface Roughness Tester (Mitsutoyo)1
 Round Tester (Mitsutoyo)1
 Rockwell Hardness Tester (Akashi)1
 Overhead Traveling Crane (5ton/2ton)2
 Air Compressor (Hitachi) 3
 Receivable Power275kVA

HMT Electronics Co., Ltd
Address: Head Office & Factory; 3-24-11, Omori Naka, Ota-Ku, Tokyo 143-0014
Tel. (81) 3-3298-1071   Fax. (81) 3-3298-1073
Established: 10th February 1989
Capital: J.Yen 10,000,000
Employee: 6
Real Property: Plottage: 165sqm
Building Area: 99sqm
Main Clients:
Acecook Co., Ltd. Asahi Breweries Co., Ltd
Asahi Glass Company Group Dai Nippon Printing Company Group
Daiwa Can Company Group Hitachi Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ishida Press Kogyo Co., Ltd. Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.
Kamaya Chemical Industry Company Group Kirin Brewery Company Group
Konica Corporation Group Kewpie Corporation
Lion Corporation Group Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Materials Company Group Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.
National Crown Company Group Nihon Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Nihon Willing Co., Ltd Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd.
Nippon Electric Corporation Group Otsuka Techno Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Kogyo Co., Ltd. Ryukakusan Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Breweries Co., Ltd. SMC Co., Ltd.
Shibazaki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Shuetsu Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Bakelite Company Group The Nikka Whisky Distilling Co., Ltd.
Toppan Printing Company Group Toyo Seikan Company Group
Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
Main Banks:The Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, Kamata Branch
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Haneda Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Omori Branch


History of the Company

September 1951: Company founded in its present location by Hiraga as an individual.Engaged mainly in repairing and rebuilding machine tools.
November 1953: Hiraga Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. established with capital of 1 million Yen. Head office and factory set up in their present location and began Operation, mainly in automatic supply and alignment device for bottlecaps and corks, fully automatic bottlecap and cork collection and fastening machines, automatic presses, pres molds, and fully automatic paper stopper-manufacturing equipment.
May 1958: Capital of Hiraga Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. increased to 2 million yen.
April 1960: Developed various press automatic feeding devices and created a new method for feeding tin sheet.
August 1966: Completed conveyer-type supply devices and compressed-air conveyance devices, including a magnet-type elevator conveyer and framed elevator conveyor. Also completed an automatic cap packing filler.
October 1966: Capital of Hiraga Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. increased to 4 million yen.
March 1967: Put the order-receiving system in place by rebuilding the head office and factory and expanding the size of the business, and developed various automatic assembly machines.
September 1974: Completed inclined rotary hopper feeder for alignment supply.
March 1975: Completed automatic capping machine.
September 1981: Completed cap molding machine.
April 1984: Established affiliated company "HMT System Engineering Co., Ltd." with capital of 10 million yen. Set up a factory In Takahata, Yamagata Prefecture, completed machine equipment, and expanded order-receiving system for factory automation systems, including automatic assembly machines, automatic inspection and measuremen equipment, electronic equipment and other labor-saving machinery and precision devices, automatic supply and alignment devices, and various conveyors for rationalization and labor saving.
June 1987: Capital of Hiraga Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. increased to 10 million yen.
February 1989: Established affiliated company "HMT Electronics Co., Ltd." with capital of 10 million yen. Improved design and fabrication of automatic control devices.
March 1992: Acquired factory land in Tsunashima, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama and completed construction of the assembly factory only.
January 1993: Doubled the size of the HMT System Engineering Co., Ltd. Yamagata factory, put in place an order-receiving system for mass-production and large-size, and upgraded each division.
March 1993: Completed a machine for filling and sealing noodle cups.
July 1998: Completed a device for manufacturing glass sheet.
October 1998: Completed a banding machine in the field of packaging machinery.

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