Nature of Operations

Operational Planning Division

A day in the life of an employee in the Technical Sales Division.
8:15 AM During the morning meeting the responsible persons receive their work schedule for the day and check the items and shipment items to be discussed with the customers. We also use this time to check the E-mail received from customers. Although in-company documents and letters to customers used to be written by hand, these are now written with computers for greater efficiency.
9:00 AM Now there is preparation of the technical materials and company guides to be provided to the customers. The persons in charge call the customers beforehand to make appointments for visits.
10:00 AM I accompany a member of the Technical Division on visits to customers where we check specifications, discover problem areas and come up with improvements. The most important business matter here is discussing the contents as carefully as possible with customers, neglecting not even a single point.
1:00 PM After finishing lunch, traveling to the next customer. Thanking the customers for purchasing the equipment that was delivered on the previous day and reconfirming the next business contract and future plans for investment in facilities.
4:00 PM Return from visits to customers and organizing the matters that were discussed with customers in the course of the day. Making a report to management when necessary.
5:00 PM Preparing for tomorrow's visits by preparing materials and estimates as well as products to be delivered. Managing cost price and receipt of orders and inputting all data in the PC.
6:00 PM Examining once again the contents of matters discussed with customers during the day's visits.

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