Nature of Operations

Technical Division

A day in the life of a machine designer.
8:15 AM After arriving at work I participate in the morning meeting in my division and obtain information from management on operations. Then I make a report on the state of progress on operations up to yesterday and plans for the future. We turn on power for a CAD device for a single person and start up the system. We summon up charts and other data on the screen from the database. The individual CAD devices are connected to the network so that you can summon data from the server at any CAD.
9:00 AM We receive the charts sent from the Technical Division of another company in the Hiraga Group and carry out a checks on specifications and measurements. In the design stage we want to incorporate customer wishes in the specifications sheets, thus creating devices that correspond closely with those demands. With this in mind we recheck the charts to discover any problem areas and clarify improvements before feeding that information back to the chart.
10:00 AM We conduct a meeting with employees responsible for assembly in the Manufacturing Division prior to assembly of devices, making memos on specifications, general details of the devices and cautions during assembly. The individual organizations in the company mutually cooperate to create an environment with good ventilation so that the entire organization can put efforts into dealing with difficulties when they occur.
12:00 AM Lunch time. There is a cafeteria at the company offering a pleasant environment.
12:45 AM Accompanying the technicians from the sales division we visit customers. The technician listens to the desires of the customer in then making proposals for systems corresponding to those needs. The designer uses more detailed layout charts from the branches in describing the device and carrying out a presentation for the customer.
3:00 PM After arriving back at the company, we organize the matters that were discussed with the customer. We then make decisions on costs, delivery dates and structure of equipment in creating the final system that can realize the customer's dream. This is organized in the form of final specifications. Because we normally operate as a team, we check that this matches with our daily schedule and on the state of progress while also making reports. It is taxing work but we are doing our best because we are eager to see the satisfied faces of customers when the equipment we create actually starts operating.
5:00 PM The official workday is over. Before starting our overtime operation, we take a short break and then start drawing up the charts.
7:15 PM Because we finished our planned activities for today, we save the data in the CAD unit and check processing before turning off the system and returning home.

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