Nature of Operations

Management and Procurement Division

A day in the life of an employee in the Management and Procurement Department
8:00 AM After arriving at the company I look at materials showing the problem points we discussed yesterday as well as FAX messages from clients and customers.
8:15 AM Start of work and morning meeting. I greet the other members of my division, check my health and submit a report on my plans for the day's work. It is the start of another day in our division. To start out, we gather information on the state of progress for in-company processing as well as processing ordered from outside and supply directions to the persons in charge.
9:00 AM Products supplied from inside the company and from cooperating companies are delivered to the persons responsible for quality control. We are busy checking parts during the morning.
10:30 AM The charts arrive from the Technical Division. Based on production plans, we start on in-company processing, orders from the outside and placement of orders for purchase materials. You have to be able to read charts for this work and proceed in the most efficient and inexpensive manner. Here is work where you can draw on your experience and put your full talent and ability to work.
1:00 PM After fishing lunch we confer on our schedule plan regarding devices for which we've received orders. A central goal is further improving Q (quality), C (cost) and D (delivery). This is also crucial in making maximum use of strengths inside the company and at cooperating companies.
4:00 PM After making a final check on the state of progress for the day's activities, we get a grasp on possible problem areas. Then starts the job of delivering today's shipment parts (part level). It also includes shipment of surface finishing parts in the busiest period of the day.
5:15 PM As I expected, we have to work overtime today. We are doing our best to finish up within an hour.
6:15 PM We make a report to management about the contents of today's operations and plans for tomorrow. After discussing matters with them, we make a memo of the contents as a busy day comes to a close.
6:30 PM After taking a short pause, I put things in order around me and say goodbye to my co-workers before leaving for home.

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