Nature of Operations

Manufacturing Division

A day in the life of a worker on the machine assembly line.
8:15 AM After greeting other employees on arrival at my workplace and participating in the morning meeting in my division, the members of the Leader Class assemble according to the schedule determined in the Function Production Conference. Then follows exchange of information on the state of progress and information on present activities.
9:00 AM We start assembly of devices that are on a rush basis. Then we clear an area to secure space for assembly. The leaders provide instructions to the persons responsible for individual assembly operations. After start of operations, problems occur. The worker immediately informs the designer. They examine unit during assembly and the assembly chart to discover the cause of the problem. They conclude that there are errors in the specifications of the index unit of the main driver section. A Countermeasures Meeting is held with the members of the related departments. In order that dealing with such problems and preventive measures can be appropriately carried out in quality control activities, Hiraga is presently engaged in all-company training with the goal of obtaining ISO90001 accreditation. We are now engaged in construction of production supply systems to satisfy the quality and deadline demands required by customers. We have high hopes now for future advances.
12:45 AM Start of assembly operations after lunch. In the area around me about 90% of assembly operations are completed and I can see workers from the electrical equipment section putting best efforts into catching up with wiring operations. There are groups involved with adjusting mechanism and eliminating bugs from devices for which dates have been decided for joint inspection with customers. It is a lively, fulfilling sight. Now it is especially important to pay attention to safety when work comes in like this. In our group we have been practicing the 5S Activities since 1992 and putting every possible effort into daily safety measures.
3:00 PM After taking a break, the leaders divide up the staff in directing the assembly operations while carrying out checks. In case of delays they join in the work themselves to cover any delays in delivery dates.
5:00 PM It is quitting time. We make every effort to eliminate unnecessary overtime while also endeavoring to reduce assembly man-hours. Quite a few workers leave for home. But many of us have to stay behind to make adjustments of inspection equipment and check on test evaluations.
7:15 PM Completion of today's planned operations. After checking on security and making sure all doors are closed, I leave for home.

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