Multistage Baking Equipment For Glass Sheets
This is a glass substrate drying device that carries out drying processing in the space from the washer to the coater device and pre-bake processing in the space from the coater device to the exposure device.

œ Employs a hot plate system that assures stable temperature distribution.
œ Allows flexible handling by a transfer robot.
œ Incorporates various buffer devices for adaptation to the adjacent processes.
œ Multistage plate system for easy maintenance.
œ Accommodates up to 6 hot plates and up to 2 cooling plates.

œApplication 440x550x0.7mm(other sizes also acceptable.)
œRequired power 30kW(AC200V three phase,50/60Hz)
œCompressed air consumption 300Nl/min.(5kg/c‡uG)
œTemperature range Room temperature to 150Ž
œTemperature distribution }3Ž
(Workpiece surface temperature at 100Ž)
(Workpiece surface temperature at 23Ž)
œMachine dimensions L3100xW3200xH2300mm

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