2P Banding Machine
This device takes workpieces produced and fed on a continuous basis, turning the printed section on the surface to the outside and carrying out banding with paper bands to combine two workpieces in a single set. It then pastes cellophane tape on the sets and sends them to the next process.

Because the timing is obtained with mechanical mechanism, stable movements of the individual units are systemized.
The bening section features a stepping motor to drive the bend supply. A dancer roll controls the fixed tension feed for high accuracy in cutting measurements.
Commercially available 18 mm cellophane tape can be used.
The tape cutter uses a special process so that sticky materials do not adhere to the blade even during continuous cutting.

Packaging dimension & capacity
Application A:L115xW75xH62mm}2(overwrapj60packs/min. Automatic feed
Application B:L115xW70xH74mm}2(pillowwrapj30packs/min. Manual feed
Application C:L117xW72xH40mm}2(pillowwrapj30packs/min. Manual feed
Required power 3kW(AC200V three phase,50/60Hz)
Compressed air consumption 200Nl/min.(5kg/cuG)
Paper band W50mm
Cellophane tape W18~L30mm
Machine dimensions L1500xW1450xH1800mm

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